Surviving Long distance relationships Tips

With growing distractions in the world and the increasing split rate, long distance relationships are suffering the most. For a long distance relationship to survive it takes serious efforts from the side of each partner and once the efforts are accomplished with honesty, it becomes easy to maintain a long distance relationship. These efforts improve a long distance relationship to a great extent. Here are some tips that can be followed by the couple to survive their long distance relationship:

Surviving long distance relationships

1.Ignore the Misleaders:

 There are times when the friends of one of the partner don’t like the idea of long distance relationship and starts misguiding their friend to stop affair with the long distance partner and look for a new partner close in distance. This is the point when the partners should ignore the haters, because their instigation sometimes leads to misunderstanding between couples and sometimes even separation.

2.Keeping a track of Meeting Date:
It’s very important for the couple to keep discussing about their future meeting plans. The factor that keeps a long distance relationship alive to a great extent is an assurance of the next meeting. The feeling that the distances will end soon, keeps the relationship alive and going.

3.Set the time and frequency of conversations:
While being far away, it’s important for the lovers to keep in touch and keep talking with good frequency. The application that helps in achieving this is Skype. Skype helps to keep the bond alive between the pair by allowing them to talk and see each other in regular intervals. Skype shortens the distances between the couple’s heart and keep them aware of the proceedings in each others’ life. Thus, regular conversations form an important part in keeping a relationship alive and working.

4. Don’t suppress your lifestyle:
It’s important for a partner to keep up a regular lifestyle and not get in depression and stay home every day because of a long distance between the pair. Life doesn’t stop for anyone and the more a partner enjoys life, more is that person respected by their partner. Staying home and being passive in social life gives a partner a sign of being in love with a loser and nobody likes to stay with a loser.

5. Don’t argue on baseless matters:
It’s a very important tip to keep a long distance relationship alive. A partner should never doubt on the partner or be jealous on a baseless reason. If the partner has any sort of suspicion, he/she must talk it out to the other partner and not make an issue of something un-existing. This creates tension between the pair and they tend to separate. Thus, the trust factor comes into play here. The more you trust your partner, more your relationship will bloom. Hence, it’s important not to argue on senseless matters.

6. Solving the doubts before splitting up:
Whenever any of the partners possessed a doubt, he/she should talk it out with their partner in order to avoid unnecessary confusion. Most of the doubts are baseless, so it should be worked upon by the couple before it starches them apart.

7. Plan some surprises:
Sending a flower or surprise gifts for the partner has a deep importance in context of keeping a long distance relationship alive and growing. Thus, these surprises should be initiated in order to strengthen a long distance relationship.

8. Avoid repeating the same question:
If there is a doubt in other partner’s mind about loving you, it’s important not to disturb their mind and repeat the same question “why don’t you love me?” This facilitates a rift between the pair.

9. Keeping the partner updated about missing patterns:
It’s important to express self. The more the pair expresses their feelings towards each other, more the relation becomes strong. Therefore the pair should be expressive and loving.

10. Make surprise visits:
To delete the distance once in a while is a healthy aspect of a long distance relation. To keep a balance in distances always blooms the relationship to its level best.

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